You know the important role your Mitsubishi forklift plays in keeping your business running smoothly. It is the true workhorse of your operation. Having it not running smoothly would bode well for your operations. 

For this reason, it’s important to keep your machine serviced and have the parts you need to keep your forklift running well. Read on to learn the list of parts you might need to keep your Mitsubishi forklift running well. 


While forklift is your workhorse, the forks really help to do the heavy lifting. Over time and with heavy use, the forklift forks can get bent. 

You don’t want to operate your forklift with bent forks as they are not structurally sound and could cause problems when lifting. 

Mast Parts

While the forks are out in front, the mast and carriage are helping to keep them operational. Whether it’s the chain, rollers or the mast booms, they work hard and overtime can get work out. 

To lift the load effectively, you want the mast and carriage fully functional and want to replace the part when you see wear. 

Hydraulic Parts

You know your forklift works hard and sometimes the parts rub or come apart. You want to quickly replace your hydraulic parts if you start to see signs of a leak. If a fitting comes loose or those hydraulic hose wears, it’s time to replace them. 


Like any operational vehicle, brakes wear over time. If your forklift works hard day in and day out, it is responsible for stopping a lot of weight when you use the brakes. You want to make sure your brakes don’t wear down and can’t effectively stop your machine as needed. 


Again, like other operational machines, a forklift may have tires that need to be replaced over time. You want to make sure you have a forklift that has good tread to keep your machine secure on the ground it operates on. 


With heavy wear, sometimes it becomes necessary to replace the battery that helps to keep your forklift operational. The battery might expand over time or crack and leak battery acid. The battery might not hold a charge as well over time either. Any of these are signs you need to replace the battery in your machine. 


Your forklift comes with a series of alarms to remind you how to safely run your machine. These alarms also help to keep the machine running well too. 

While anytime one of those alarms goes off you might find if annoying, they are there for an important reason. They not only help to keep the machine running well, but they also help to keep you safe too. When they stop working, you need to replace the parts for safety. Often OSHA requires these alarms to be fully functional on your forklift for safety reasons too. 

Get the Parts You Need or Your Mitsubishi Forklift

Keeping your Mitsubishi forklift in good running order is important to the success of your business. You need your forklift to be the hard-working machine it is supposed to be, so you can get the work done you need. 

Make sure you have the parts you need to keep your Mitsubishi forklift running smoothly. Contact us today for information on parts and service for your forklift.