Do you need a forklift rental fast? Whether yours isn’t working or you have an unexpected project, it’s good to know how much you can expect to pay before you start calling about equipment rentals.

The average forklift rental cost varies widely depending on factors like the items you’re lifting and how long you need the lift truck. Below we have all the answers to your questions, from available types of forklifts to average prices. Take a look!

Scope of the Project

What are you lifting? The type of forklift (and the cost to rent it) depends on how heavy the object is. You’ll need a heavier duty machine with larger lifting capacity for bigger jobs.

Here are the capabilities of forklifts:

  • Low capacity (3000-5000 lbs)
  • Medium capacity (6000-10,000 lbs)
  • Large capacity (up to 30,000 lbs)

If you’re not sure how much your items will weigh, get an estimate before you start. Otherwise, you’ll need to rent a larger forklift to ensure you have the capacity for the job you’re doing. Renting one that’s too small could damage the equipment or your item, which increases your cost exponentially.

Time Frame

How long will it take you to do the project? If you only need a forklift rental for a few hours, it may not be as expensive as renting it for a whole day or for a week or longer. Be sure you know the length of the job before you call for quotes on equipment rentals.

If you’re DIYing a job at home and you won’t need the forklift for long, let the rental company know when you call. Perhaps your forklift broke down and you need a replacement while it’s being repaired. That rental may be longer, especially if the mechanic doesn’t have an exact timeframe for the repair.

Most forklift rentals are available hourly. You can also rent forklifts by the day or by the week. Be sure to ask about the costs for different time frames.

You may be tempted to rush through a project so you don’t have to pay more for your rental. Yet if you know it’s not very much extra to rent it for another hour or another day, then you’ll be able to take your time on the job.

Average Forklift Rental Cost

The average rental rates for a forklift depend largely on the factors listed above. An equipment rental can range anywhere from $300-$7000 based on the machine you need and how long you need it for.

Low capacity machines are around $300 for the day, while higher capacity machines can cost up to $700 for the day.

If you rent for a week, you may get a better rate by the day, although a larger cost overall. For example, 7 days at $300/day is $2100, but the rental company may only charge you $1900 for the week. It’s good to ask about different options and the cost differences between them.

Lift Trucks for Less

When you need a forklift rental, you don’t want to stop to think about the average forklift rental cost. Now that you know what to expect, you can ask the right questions when you call for a quote. Be sure of your project details before you pick up the phone to help the process go smoothly.

At Superior Industrial Products, we provide premium rentals for your project, no matter how long or short it is. We have flexible schedules and affordable rates. Send us a message to get started with a quote today!