Do you need a forklift for your business? Maybe you need an entire fleet of forklifts?

These are common for constructions companies, private contractors, warehouse businesses, and even retail stores. In some cases, private homeowners can benefit from investing in a forklift. 

The main question, however, is not why you need one of these amazing machines. The question is, how do you find the best Caterpillar forklift dealer?

We can help you there. Keep reading for everything you need to look for when shopping for a forklift.

A Positive Reputation

In the sales and services industries, reputation is everything. Large and small companies alike earn credibility through positive transactions with customers and clients. 

As such, a quality Caterpillar forklift dealer will have tons of positive reviews and testimonials left by happy customers. These reviews can refer to forklift sales, rentals, and other services. 

Find out what other people have to say about the dealer in question. Were they happy with their overall experience and transaction? Do they recommend the dealer to other people looking to buy or rent forklifts? 

Product Choices

Next, the right Caterpillar forklift dealer will be able to provide you with a wide range of options in terms of forklift sales and rentals. Forklifts come in all different shapes, sizes, capabilities, etc. They can also come with different attachments, such as booms and other telescopic equipment. 

Whether your want to rent a forklift or buy a forklift, make sure the dealer has the right type of forklift for your needs. You might also prefer one that’s electric, rather than one that runs off of combustible fuel. 

Purchase Options

Now, let’s talk about your financial needs. While the right Caterpillar forklift dealer will give you a fair price for your equipment, forklifts are a decent investment. 

Therefore, if you only need a forklift for a single project, you might be better off finding forklift rentals. If you do need to purchase a forklift, or several forklifts, ask about financing programs. Does the dealer have an in-house financing team that can help you get the equipment you need sooner, rather than later?

Additional Services 

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a forklift, you might not know how to operate one. In this case, find a Caterpillar forklift dealer who also offers forklift training. This is especially important if you’re ordering a fleet of forklifts for your business and need your employees to be trained up as well. 

Finally, ask the dealer if they handle forklift maintenance and repairs. What happens if you have a problem with one of the machines you purchase. Like all pieces of equipment, industrial forklifts require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to run smoothly. 


Competitive Prices

Finally, finding a Caterpillar forklift dealer that offers affordable pricing is essential. As noted earlier, this is a substantial investment. However, that doesn’t mean you should pay more than is necessary for the equipment you need. 

Yet, it’s also important to be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. If there’s a private forklift seller offering questionably low prices, there might be a problem with the equipment. 

Looking for a Reliable Caterpillar Forklift Dealer?

If you’re in the market for a forklift, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide variety of forklifts you can rent or buy. We also offer maintenance and repairs, as well as forklift training. 

Contact us today to tell us what you’re looking for and feel free to shop around on our site. We are your local Caterpillar forklift dealer and would love to help you find the machine you need to improve your business.