Did you know that the Clark Company is credited with inventing it in 1917? Forklifts have become a warehouse and factory staple since their creation, and over the years, safety measures have been implemented to ensure operators and other people aren’t injured. As you’d expect, a forklift safety checklist is a tool that forklift drivers use to make sure the forklift they’re using is in good condition before using it.

These checklists consist of daily inspections that reduce the likelihood of injuries due to faulty forklifts. Keep reading to find out more about how to prepare a forklift safety checklist.

Correct Training

The first step you need to take to prevent forklift accidents is to ensure your forklift drivers are trained properly. For added security,  everyone who will be working in the vicinity of forklifts should complete the safety training program. Pedestrians make up a large portion of forklift injuries, so by implementing mandatory safety training, you’ll be able to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

These safety training programs will also teach your forklift drivers to implement a safety checklist.

Visual and Physical Checks

The forklift driver needs to complete pre-operational checks on the machine before starting it. These checks will include:

  • looking for any visible defects
  • checking the fluid levels to ensure they are within the correct limits
  • recording any damage to the machine on the daily inspection list
  • starting the engine
  • assign any needed corrective measures if there was damage or malfunctions identified

You should run all these checks before the forklift is operated.

Operational Checks

Once the forklift has passed the pre-operational checks, it is time to ensure the forklift operates as it should. The inspector should check that the following works as intended:

  • hand brake
  • transmission
  • tilt control
  • hoist control
  • lowering control
  • inching control
  • horn
  • backup alarm
  • gauges

In addition to the above checks, the inspector should also check that the headlamps are bright enough to see when driving at night and that the flashers are strong enough.

If any of the parts do not work as intended, the forklift needs repairs and needs to be taken out of rotation. If you continue to use a forklift that needs repairs, you run the risk of the entire forklift failing and needing costly repairs. While the forklift is undergoing repairs, you can also book your forklift in for a service to ensure no other parts are in danger of failing.

Forklift Safety Checklist Made Easy

When it comes to a forklift safety checklist, it is crucial that the inspector understands the dangers of operating a faulty forklift. These checklists not only keep the operator safe but also keeps the pedestrians safe. So don’t waste time implementing a safety checklist.

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