Did you know the United States plays host to more than a million warehouse facilities? Getting goods from place to place within all those facilities requires a lot of forklifts.

Sometimes, though, it doesn’t make sense for a facility to own its own forklift. A fork lift rent program makes a lot of sense for facilities like these.

How do you choose the right rental option, though? What makes a forklift ideal for a given facility?

Keep reading for the top considerations you should keep in mind when renting a forklift. We’ll also cover some of the reasons to consider buying vs renting fork lifts.

Fork Lift Rent Agreements Cost Less Up Front

Purchasing a forklift can get expensive. A typical forklift costs about $35,000, though other factors can drive that cost under $20,000 or past $50,000. Not all businesses have this money on hand.

Above all else, you’ll need to look at your budget when choosing the best rental option.

Consider Lift Limits

Various standards cover the construction and usage of forklifts, some of which deal with the maximum capacity a forklift can carry. Workplace regulations limit forklift use to their stated loads.

If you deal with 10-ton loads on a regular basis, you need a forklift that can handle that. Remember to plan ahead when choosing a fork lift, too, as the maximum load you deal with won’t always stay the same. If your warehouse or your needs change, you could also need a different type of lifter truck.

Rental Terms and Usage

The typical forklift lease agreement provides for about 2,000 hours of fork lift use per year. If you anticipate needing more than this, request this when you lease. Overtime charges and additional fees for related maintenance can get expensive.

Do you think you’ll need forklifts on specific dates, or can you afford to be flexible with when you rent? Some rental companies allow you to rent a forklift for as little as one day.

Lease Time vs. Maintenance

A longer lease costs less money. It can lead to higher maintenance costs, though, so weigh that lower payment against the potential need to pay extra to maintain the forklift.

Certified Operators

A forklift needs a certified operator. How do you intend to make sure your fork lift has a qualified operator? Do you have an employee who already has certification, or will you need to pay an operator an hourly rate?

Use Renting to Try Before Buying

If you’ve struggled to find the best forklift to buy, consider using a rental period as a chance to experiment. If you find that the forklift you rented doesn’t suit your needs despite your research, you can change forklifts.

Make an Educated Choice

Choosing a fork lift rent arrangement requires some thought about your facility and use cases. A large facility dealing with heavy loads has different needs from a smaller facility. A reputable forklift rental company will work with you to find the right tool for the job instead of selling you on the biggest lifter possible.

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