Who says that a Hangcha forklift is only suitable for warehouses? The Hangcha Group has produced over 100,000 Hangcha forklifts since 1983. These workhorse forklifts serve construction jobs and rough-terrain workloads with expert precision.

Have no more headaches about frequent repair bills for inferior forklift brands. The Hangcha Group understands that time is your company’s money.

Hangcha forklifts go through rigorous tests before they reach the public market. So, there’s no doubt that their forklifts will meet narrow-aisle and industrial challenges. And for extra insurance, specific models come with a multi-year warranty.

So, do your company a favor and read why a Hangcha forklift rental is the first and only choice. You not only save time but the planet too with green-energy Hangcha forklifts.

The Diversity of the Hangcha Forklift

Hangcha forklifts come in three distinct categories. First, the electrical forklift that runs on an electric-lithium battery. We also offer the traditional Hangcha forklift that runs on diesel.

If the job requires moving material in narrow spaces or in a harsh environment, we have the right Hangcha forklift rental for your business needs.

The Diesel-Powered Hangcha Forklift

Before the green-energy revolution, forklift brands ran on diesel. We offer Hangcha forklifts for rent that run on electrical power, and workhorses to handle the heavy lifting in rough terrain.

The 4-wheel drive Hangcha forklifts can lift weights between 5,000 to 7,000 pounds, but other models, like those in the XF series, can lift cargo up to 11,000 pounds.

The Electric-Powered Hangcha Forklift

Electric forklift brands like Hangcha forklifts rely on batteries designed for forklifts “so there are no emissions.” These 3-wheel drive forklift brands, like our lithium-battery forklifts, are well-suited for indoor jobs. On the flip side, diesel-powered forklift brands usually are capable of more heavy lifting.

We offer three different models if you are looking for a 3-wheel drive Hangcha forklift for rent.

Stand-up Counterbalanced Forklift

This is a 3-wheel drive forklift capable of lifting 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of cargo. It comes with a hydraulic system and an electric power system.

Electric X-Series

The X-Series is a 3-wheel drive forklift. X-Series models can move and carry smaller loads of 1,000 to 1,700 pounds. In addition, this green-colored Hangcha forklift comes with a built-in charger for easy re-powering.

If You Need an Electric Boost

If you are working indoors but need a powerful Hangcha forklift, consider the Electric Pantograph series. These lithium-ion models can carry loads weighing between 3,000 to 4,500 pounds.

We also help with your additional work needs with the Hangcha forklift XC series, a brute workhouse capable of lifting loads up to 11,000 pounds.

The Future of Hangcha Forklifts

Since 2016, the Hangcha Group has been on an active quest to develop Hangcha forklifts that run on hydrogen. Their determination led to the release of two forklift brands of hydrogen fuel cell forklifts in 2019.

By the close of 2021, the Hangcha Group sold over 200 hydrogen fuel-celled Hangcha forklifts.

We’ve Got the Right Hangcha Forklift for the Job

Besides selling and renting Hangcha forklifts, we offer parts for major forklift brands. Our technicians are experts in repairing your Hangcha forklift.

You can contact us to learn more about our industry-leading Hangcha forklifts for rent. We also provide certified forklift training courses, including Hangcha forklifts. Schedule a time for your company today to get your Hangcha forklift.