If you work in manufacturing, shipping, or any industry that moves products from A to B, you know how important it is to have the right equipment. Time is money, so loading or unloading materials as efficiently as possible means increased success for your business.

If your business deals with materials that cannot be easily transported with standard forklift forks, you may know something about forklift clamps. These are forklift attachments that allow you to lift and move objects of various sizes and shapes.

There are many different kinds of forklift clamps designed for specific purposes. So, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your purposes.

This article covers the basics of forklift clamps, including the different types and functions. It also explains the many benefits they can afford. Keep reading to find out how they can improve forklift performance and increase safety.

What Are Forklift Clamps?

Forklift clamps are forklift attachments that resemble giant claws. They replace the standard forks on a carriage and are designed to handle materials that are not palletized.

Forklift clamps typically have padded surfaces to keep from damaging the materials. They also often come with rotators, which allow you to invert materials for loading or dumping.

Forklift clamps come in different designs geared toward moving distinct types of materials. Drum clamps are made to handle barrels or other cylindrical-shaped materials. Box clams are designed to square or rectangular objects while supporting the bottom of the package.

There are also bale clamps made for hay, cotton, or wool bales. You can buy carton clamps that can gently move packages of fragile products, like vegetables or wine bottles. You also can find specialty clamps to transport oddly shaped objects, like cartons or tires.

What Are the Benefits of Forklift Clamps?

The main benefit of forklift clamps is intuitive: they allow you to move objects that would otherwise be difficult or impossible with standard forks. But there are other built-in benefits to consider.

One of the biggest is safety. Forklift clamps end the need for coming up with creative yet possibly dangerous ways of moving unwieldy materials. It gives you the peace of mind that your staff has the right equipment for the job at hand.

This also means faster production times. Forklift clamps can help you receive or move materials out the door faster than with other methods. This translates to both decreased labor costs and increased productivity.

Forklift clamps can save money in another way: increased forklift efficiency. This means reduced energy costs and wear and tear on your equipment. On a daily basis, these gains could be nominal, but they could add up to serious savings over time.

Find Forklift Clamps Near You

Now that you know the uses of forklift clamps, you can determine if they might benefit your business. A prominent forklift retailer can further advise you on the right clamps for your industry or project.

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