3-Wheel Electric Lithium-ion Forklift 1,000-1,700lbs

3-Wheel Electric Lithium-ion Forklift 1,000-1,700lbs

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Hangcha’s X series 3-wheel electric lithium-ion powered forklifts are a new series of highly efficient, light load capacity, electric counterbalanced forklifts. These were designed with a new structure that represents a breakthrough over the traditional design concept. With a new compact structure, small turning radius, and being a lightweight design, the X series forklift is perfect for use in narrow operation applications. These uses include handling material between floors, to and from elevators, and inside warehouses, supermarkets, or workshops.

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The breakthrough design of the truck allows it to be small and flexible while still having the rugged durability that Hangcha forklifts are known for. The exterior of the forklift is powder coated in a durable green finish that designates the forklift is powered by our lithium-ion technology. The eye-catching smooth body lines meet narrow application design with the X Series 3-Wheel Electric Lithium-ion Forklift.


1. The forklift was designed around our lithium-ion technology. This means that the lithium iron phosphate battery and counterweight were placed in specific locations in the chassis to ensure a low center of gravity and good stability.
2. The forklift has good turning stability thanks to using two rubber wheels to steer.
3. The front wheels are equipped with patterned rubber tires to improve stability and be less prone to slip in water, sand, slopes, and cold storage.

Energy Saving & Highly Efficient

1. The dual front drive motors provide power, high driving speed, high gradability, and high operating efficiency.
2. The Electric Power Steering system only works when turning, so that energy consumption can be reduced significantly.
3. The built-in charger improves efficiency and provides convenience.
4. The truck is equipped with energy-saving and durable LED lights.


1. Excellent ergonomic design and large operation space provide the operator with more comfort and satisfy the operator’s needs during
long-term and high-intensity operations.
2. The Electric Power Steering system and steering force can be adjusted with software This makes steering easier and reduces fatigue for the
3. Both the steering wheel column and the seat are adjustable to help the operator find their most comfortable driving position.
4. The multi-way valve is positioned close to the operator to increase comfort and reduce fatigue when operating for long periods of time.


1. The optimized design of the wide-view mast and low dashboard enables a wider field of vision. This minimizes blindspots to
increase operational safety.
2. The emergency cut-off switch and the electronic and hydraulic overload protection systems comply with American safety regulations.
3. The optional OPS system greatly improves operational safety.


1. The maintenance-free AC motors feature precise speed control and temperature monitoring.
2. The highly efficient MOSFET integrated control system provides accurate control of traveling, fork movement, and adjustment of the AC motor’s performance. The forklift also has regenerative braking, reverse braking, and will also not roll back on a ramp thanks to the controller. The controller provides a safer, more reliable, and efficient operational experience.
3. The LED instrument display accurately displays information in harsh environments.

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