Forklifts continue to be in demand, with the market expected to exceed $80 billion by 2027. But with so much choice, how can you decide on a local forklift dealer?

Do not just go online and search ‘forklift dealer near me.’ You also need to know how to find the best forklift dealers. After all, it is an investment to buy a forklift, so you want to make sure you get a high-quality product and service.

Read on to learn what to look for when searching for a local forklift dealer. 

Company History and Reputation

While it is tempting to search ‘forklift dealer near me’ and visit with the closest option, check their credentials. A good place to start is to read the company history, so you know they have the knowledge and experience to sell forklifts.

You can also search for independent reviews and customer testimonials. A local forklift dealer might look good on paper, but you want to make sure their forklift sales tell the same story.

Equipment Inventory 

When you buy a forklift, you want to have the best industry choices available. Check dealers sell forklifts by reputable manufacturers. You also want to make sure that they have a range of options available. 

A reputable forklift dealer will be able to find the best forklift for your needs, whether it is for cargo transport or a forklift rodeo.

Parts Availability

It is also essential that the local forklift dealer has parts available, as inevitably, your forklift will need a service at some point. Check these parts are also high-quality; otherwise, you could run into problems later down the line. 

Ask about the turnover time for new parts too. The faster they have parts availability, the better. You want to avoid any delays, especially if your forklift is essential for your work. 

Forklift Service Technicians 

Do the forklift dealers have a team of onsite service technicians? It helps if technicians are at hand to deal with any issues you may have.

Ask whether they provide off-site visits and walk-in appointments. You never know when you might need it!

Other Services Available

Along with parts and service, ask the local forklift dealer what services they have on offer. Ask if they have maintenance program options and what their servicing involves.

Some dealers will also offer forklift rental, which may be more suitable for you if you are unsure whether to buy a forklift. Also, look out for forklift certifications for industry professionals. It shows the dealer has forklift expertise, and they can assist you in making an informed purchase.

Forklift Dealer Near Me

Before you buy a forklift, take time to research the forklift dealers. It will save you time, money and stress in the long run! You will find reputable forklift dealers by considering the factors in this post.

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