In the last two decades, American workers have produced an impressive 60% more products while only putting in 10% more hours. That’s a huge leap in productivity. This isn’t just about sweat and muscle — it’s about having the right tools for the job.

Modern workers have access to amazing equipment like scissor lifts, which help them reach new heights and get more done safely and efficiently.

However, finding an affordable scissor lift rental to keep your project on budget can be challenging. Below, we will break down scissor lift rental costs and give you some handy tips to find the best deal.

Understanding Scissor Lift Rental Rates: Daily, Weekly, Weekly, and Monthly

Scissor lift rental rates can vary depending on several factors. However, the most basic price difference is the rental period: daily, weekly, or monthly. Each has its distinguishing characteristics.


Daily rates are the most expensive option per day. On the good side, they’re ideal for short-term projects where you only need the scissor lift briefly. They offer maximum flexibility if your project timeline is uncertain.


Weekly rates offer a significant discount compared to daily rentals. They’re a good choice for projects lasting a few days to a week. You’ll lock in a lower daily rate than renting day-by-day, but you’ll be responsible for the full week’s rental even if you finish the job early.


Lastly, monthly rates are the most cost-effective forklift option for long-term projects. They offer the lowest daily rate but require the longest rental commitment. Consider this option if you know you’ll need a scissor lift for an extended period.

Electric vs. Gas Scissor Lifts: What Affects the Cost

The type of scissor lift you choose, electric or gas-powered, can also impact the scissor lift hire costs. In particular, electric scissor lifts are generally quieter, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly than gas models. They’re often preferred for indoor use due to their lack of fumes.

On the downside, electric scissor lifts typically have a shorter runtime on a single battery charge. Their lifting capacity can be slightly lower than gas models. Electric scissor lifts are priced competitively with gas models or slightly cheaper due to lower maintenance requirements.

Gas scissor lifts offer longer runtimes and higher lifting capacities than electric models. They’re a good choice for outdoor projects or those that need continuous use throughout the day. However, they can be noisy, emit fumes, and may not be suitable for indoor use due to air quality concerns.

They require refueling, which can add a minor cost depending on the rental agreement. Gas scissor lifts may also have a slightly higher rental cost than electric models. It’s because of their increased power and lifting capacity.

Scissor Lift Size and Weight Capacity: How They Impact Price

Scissor lifts come in different sizes, measured by platform height and weight capacity. These two factors play a major role in determining the cost of renting a scissor lift. So, think about how high you need to reach for your project.

A basic scissor lift reaching 15 feet might be perfect for painting a ceiling, but a rooftop project might require a 40-foot monster. Generally, the higher the platform reaches, the more expensive the rental. Taller lifts are more complex and require more materials to build safely.

A lower-weight capacity lift (around 500 pounds) will likely suffice if you work alone with some tools. However, if you need to handle heavy materials, you’ll need a lift with a higher capacity (like 3,000 pounds or more). Higher-weight capacity lifts are naturally more robust and expensive to rent.

Geography and Rental Costs

Cities with a booming construction industry will naturally demand scissor lifts more. Higher demand can drive up rental prices. If you’re in a more rural area with less construction activity, you might find an affordable scissor lift rental.

Areas with a high concentration of rental companies will generally have more competitive pricing. Some areas have stricter regulations on equipment maintenance and safety inspections. These additional costs can be passed on to you through higher rental rates.

Hidden Fees and Unexpected Costs to Avoid With Scissor Lift Rentals

Delivery and pickup charges are standard. However, some companies might not advertise them upfront. Be sure to factor these costs into your budget when comparing rental rates.

Some scissor lift rentals, particularly gas-powered models, may incur additional fuel charges. Rental companies often offer damage waivers that protect you from financial responsibility for minor accidental damage. While this can give you peace of mind, it can also add extra cost.

What’s more, a rental agreement may limit the number of miles you can drive a scissor lift daily. Going over this limit could result in hefty per-mile charges. And since companies bill rental periods in increments (daily, weekly, monthly), factor in buffer time to avoid overage fees.

Negotiating the Best Scissor Lift Rental Rates

Scissors lift rental tips dictate that you shouldn’t settle for the first quote you receive. So, get quotes from several rental companies in your area to compare rates and features. Note that rental companies are often more willing to negotiate on rates during slower, off-peak periods.

Construction activity often slows down during the winter months. As such, if your project allows, rent a scissor lift during the off-season to enjoy significant discounts. You should also match the lift’s capabilities to your specific project needs to avoid paying extra for unnecessary features.

Some rental companies offer package deals that combine scissor lift rentals with other equipment you might need, like generators or safety gear. These deals can sometimes be a more cost-effective option than renting everything separately. Rental companies are often more willing to work with you on price for longer rentals.

Secure a Scissor Lift Rental for Your Next Project 

By following these tips, you can find the perfect scissor lift rental for your needs without breaking the bank. Remember, with the right rental equipment, you can complete your project on time and within budget. Have fun exploring your options.

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